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A Pokemon available in-game please.


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Well you are quite limited as there is only a limited amount of dragon types in Unova
However the best 5 you get in-game are:


A complete boss in-game that will eliminate everything after using just one Dragon Dance
It can be obtained quite early in-game since it is located in the Mistralton Cave as an Axew. It has a high attack stat ,decent HP and speed and an excellent movepool. I would say that it is the best Dragon type that you will find in-game


Hydreigon is pretty much like Haxorus, however it is much harder to obtain then the first as it can only be found as a Zweilous at Victory road whiles it evolves at lv.64. By that time you have nearly completed the main story. However with a nice attack, high special attack, decent Speed and HP stat, Hydreigon is second to Haxorus in my opinion whiles it has access to extremely powerful moves


In my opinion, Flygon is after Haxorus and Hydreigon, the best dragon in-game and the easiest to obtain as it can be caught very early in-game at the Desert Resort. It is pretty much a combination of both Haxorus and Hydreigon just a little underrated compared to them both. It has access to a many powerful moves, both special as physical and is the easiest to level up compared to the 2 listed above him


Often looked down upon, Altaria is a great Pokemon as it can both have the roles as your flying type support as you dragon power. However it has a lackluster at offense, but it's defensive capabilities are fantastic. However it can be a nice offensive presence and can learn pretty nice moves such as Fire Blast


Rarely seen in-game, Druddigon is an extremely powerful dragon type. However it's speed can also be a pain in-game as it is to low and it can't afford to move last that often and is there for the least recommended


For the best results in-game I would say Haxorus or Hydreigon are you best bets followed by Flygon as they will be the most useful in-game. If it was me, I would chose Haxorus and for this reason I would say that Haxorus is the best

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If your gonig to get an Axew, you migh want to get a Mold Breaker one.
yeah Rivalry doesn't have much use
ehhh It has its uses...
You are not guaranteed to battle a Pokemon of the same type and some powerful trainers use mono-female Pokemon such as iris, so on Haxorus, it pretty much is
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So if I were you, I would catch a few dragon types like deino and its evolution but it takes a long time to train deino. Axew can be good considering its speed and attack. Plus, a shiny haxorus can be found in the nature preserve. I would go for deino but an easier training option would be axew or druddigon. You can also catch other dragon types of ther regions like dratini or dragonair at dragonspiral tower. Just use a super rod to fish.

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Can be found at Dragonspiral Tower. Great Attack, it's a pseudo-legendary, decent Sp Attack and Sp defense, speed isnt too great but with some EV training that can be fixed.


A bit hard to get, but you can find a Bagon in a hidden grotto, then breed it and train. Then you can get one. It's another pseudo-legendary.


Another pseudo-legendary, its Special Attack is boss! It's Attack and Speed are pretty good, and it has Levitate.


Slow, but powerful. Can be found at Dragonspiral Tower. Either of its Abilities are fine.


Last but not least, Haxorus. It can be an awesome sweeper with Outrage and Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw. You wont regret catching one.