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I really want one

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You must:

  • Get a Shiny Magikarp from the Magikarp Salesman on Marvelous Bridge and evolve it (1/8192 chance)
  • Catch one in the Nature Preserve (1/8192)
  • Transfer it from HeartGold / SoulSilver (100% chance, Lake of Rage)
  • Transfer from Diamond / Pearl / Platinum (1/8192 chance)
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Someone tryed to trade me a shiny gyrados the same day this question came out. XD I couldnt get it though...
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You can either transfer one using Poketransfer, or breed magikarps by buying them on marvelous bridges (I think). Evolve it then

Hope this helps!

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I'll put a few methods.

  1. Transfer the Shiny Gyarados from the Lake of Rage from your HeartGold or SoulSilver, or transfer one from another 4th gen game D/P/Pt.

  2. Catch a Shiny one at the Nature Preserve, or get a Shiny Magikarp from the guy on Marvelous Bridge and evolve it into a Gyarados.

  3. Breed for a Shiny Magikarp using regular breeding, the Masuda Method, or the Shiny Charm and evolve it (a combo of the two would be great).

  4. Trade for one with a friend or on the GTS. Ask around the DB Chatroom, you might get a trade for one.

Hope I helped. :]

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