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Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver Selector. Pick a Pokemon below and then click on 'Submit Stats' after making any desired changes.

Pokémon Name: DRAPION
Stat IV EV HP 176 Atk 152 DEF 148 SPAtk 93 SPDef 104 Speed 173 Level Nature OTName Hoshi Held Item Ability Fateful False Shiny False
Move1 Move2 Move3 Move4 Moves

***Set your device's DNS server to and visit the GTS in game to retrieve your Pokemon. Please have a full party (See FAQ entry if you didn't, and are having issues

Does this website really work?

Your answers were about even in quality, so I chose Dark Link's because he only has 34 points versus DB's 6700-odd
XD Please tell me if you are offended, and I'll change it, if you want

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It definitely works. I have seen my friend do it many times. The downside is that you can no longer use the GTS after using this, but that doesn't really matter as you can get any Pokemon you want :)

Source: My friend's reaction when he realized he couldn't use the GTS.

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Hmm.... But how do I complete the selection?
When I clicked submit, the option to change the attacks and item was still there
Once you click submit, it submits the pokemon for you to retrieve from the GTS.
All the options are still there. I don't know why.
Do I need an account, or does it save to my IP address?
I am pretty sure you can use the GTS again, but you will have to set the DNS to auto-obtain, instead of
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Yes it does, however you will need a stable internet connection for it to actually work. Sometimes it might take awhile before the Pokemon will actually come. There are not many side-effects however you should take note that there is a weenie little chance, a microscopic chance that it will glitch your GTS so for this reason it is not recommended to use fake GTS's

Source: witnessed it a billion times

Go non-cheating. :D
Really, this is my first time using this. My settings were all at zero before, and I didn't know how do change them.
Still, I'm on my W2's aftergame with self-trained pokemans, and I'm gonna restart my SS.

And DB, how do I know what pokemon I'll get?
"  should take not that "

Well you just have to set your Pokemon with all the sets and moves you want. You are only restricted to stay with 255 in every stat at maximum and that every IV can only reach 31, however your Pokemon can learn any move. When you are done setting your Pokemon then just click submit settings and the Pokemon you created will appear in the GTS as a received Pokemon, however the DNS code must be put in
oh and I meant, take note*, I guess that was a typo
Ok, thanks