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Ok, so this is the first time I came across the mover "Powder" in a Pokémon battle. I was on Pokémon Showdown! when my opponent's Vivillion used it on my Volcarona and the "powder exploded". However, before I KOed it with a Bug Buzz, it another Powder off, and the status remained on my Volcarona throughout the battle and it didn't explode when I used a Fire move after Vivillion fainted. Do the effects of Powder still work even when the opponents switched out, or is it a glitch?

Here's the replay:


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The effects do not work.

What you witnessed was a graphical error on Showdown's side, meaning that it still showed that you had "Powder on you" when you didn't.

Powder only works on the turn it was used.

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No, it should not.

It should only work on the same turn as you used it. If they use a fire type attack that turn it will activate, otherwise it won't.
So this was not a glitch, it's just normal.

Hope I helped.