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Long time viewer of this site here. If you Power Split (or any of the Split moves) and then switch out the Pokemon, is the opposing Pokemon still affected by the Power Split or are the stats reset?

Ex. You lead with a Shuckle, use Power Split to half you opponent's attack/Special Attack, and then switch to a much better Pokemon and leave your opponent with lowered stats.

I couldn't find verification or not online, but just looking to confirm it is false (because it feels this way).

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I found it here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/203172/questions-on-power-guard-split-mechanics?show=203172#q203172 so whoever is responsible for deleting/closing questions please do so. Apologies.

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I don't think the question you linked answers this question. It says what happens when the *target* switches out, but not what happens when the *user* switches out.
I read that It implies that it resets I think, but if someone can verify I'd appreciate it.
Yeah that answer and the comment afterwards represents the target switching, not the user

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Yes. Power split will affect the target after the user switches out. The effect on the target only disappears when the target switches out. (so the user's stats will also stay the same if the target switches)

I know this because I battled myself.
Turn one shuckle uses power split on hydreigon.
Turn two Shuckle switches to gengar and hydreigon's dark pulse does not OHKO (does around 70%).

I tried the same thing again but without using power split, and dark pulse OHKOes every time.
So power split's effect must have persisted after the user switched out.

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Thank you very much!!!