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>Opponent Pokemon

Shuckle & Garchomp

>My Pokemon

Scenario 1:
Shuckle uses Guard Split on Garchomp. Shuckle or Garchomp switche out. Does they get all their defense back or does the other need to switch out to do so?? Or is it permenant for the rest of the match??

Scenario 2:
Shuckle uses Power Split on Scrafty. Scrafty switches out. Does Scrafty get his Power back?? Does Shuckle need to switch out too??

Thanks in advance for any help


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When the Pokemon switches back his stats go back to normal, as with all stat drops. Though if one switches out the other still retains the stats but the one that switches out their stats go back to normal.

Thank You!! This was quite the conundrum.  \m/o_o\m/
No problem. :)