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I gotta doubles team in the mix that involves defense-splitting my Shuckle with it's ally poke then getting switched out with Eject-Button after it gets hit. My question is, if my Shuckle is brought back in, and uses guard-split again on that same poke AGAIN, will it average it's BASE defenses again, effectively leaving them the same? Or will it take the previous guard-split into account, thereby boosting it even further...

If that were the case, you could get some crazy defense boosts. Like, for example, Eelektross.
Eelektross's base defenses are 80's, and Shuckle's are 230. The first split would leave both with base 155's.
So when Shuckle is knocked away, and then brought back, and used it again on that same Eelektross, if it worked with those altered stats, it would have base 192.5 defenses.

I wanna make Eelektross viable with this seriously I need to use my boi in doubles and make him work, help me, HELP ME PLEASE

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Yes, Guard Split does stack exactly how you describe.


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I'm surprised this isn't abused more often.
Also thanks.