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I might as well stick with my theme of asking Combee questions :)

Anyway, since only the female evolves, will the eviolite work on the male ones, since their species technically has an evolution.

I'm not exactly sure why you would want an eviolite Combee, but please just humour me.

dese combee questions
don't complain - you got BA on both of them :P
because i love combee <3 lol
probably not :P

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Yes it does
I just chucked 252 EVs on SDef and Def on a male combee with eviolite in Pokemon Online, went into a battle and found out I had 274 Def and SDef... when the max is 183 normally. Yay :D

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cool - I didn't actually think it would work, but that's good to know :)
Just a note, the Eviolite does not consider gender. In the coding, it only relates to the Pokemon species itself, which does in fact have a Pokemon connected to it's evolutionary line. Just thought that should be noted. :3