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Red (cap) vs. Gary (no cap)
Ethan/ Kris/Lyra (cap) vs. Silver (no cap)
Brendan/ May (cap) vs. Wally (no cap)
Lucas/ Dawn (cap) vs. Barry (no cap)
Hilbert/ Hilda (cap) vs. Cheren (no cap)
Bianca and N aren't your 'main' rivals
Nate/ Rosa (visor) vs. Hugh (Qwilfish)

I know there's no definite GF answer, but can someone make some logic out of this?

Are those the names of the player character in BW? I don't think I've ever seen them used before.
Just to confirm, Bianca and N may not be your main rivals, but neither is Cheren if you don't think their your 'main rivals'. But if you just wanna prove your point, keep it as Cheren. xD
@MelMel - if you go to the Gear Station, you can see your opposing gender, with that name (depending on the gender) and you can have a double battle with him/her. Just saying. :3
Well, I debated, but I see Cheren as the main rival because of the difficulty he poses and his relationship with the player character. N is an antagonist, while Cheren wants to be stronger than you. Bianca doesn't pose the same challenge Cheren does, as illustrated by her starter choice.
@MM: Those are the official names for the player characters.
I haven't played the game in ages, so you win. x)

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My Illogical Theory

I think it's a reference to Ash in the anime.

Think - Ash always wears a hat in the anime, and it's like his prized possession for goodness sake, and people know him well because of that famous item of clothing. He's rarely ever seen without it. I think Game Freak wants some sort of 'feel' of this famous item of clothing in the games, so the player feels more like Ash.

To reference to why the rivals don't wear hats, that is solely because every rival has been seen in the anime, and most anime characters (to my information) don't really wear hats. The protagonists aren't really in the anime (unless you exclude Dawn, who doesn't really wear a real 'hat', and Red who kind of resembles Ash, but not fully), and they wear hats as an over world sprites. Also notice that most of the boy characters wear their hats backwards when in battle, like Ash does.

Ash's Hat

So, that is my theory.
Hope I helped. :)

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