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I have been seeing some videos of bw2 in youtube and I saw that you can name your rival before starting your adventure.Can you actually do that?

I remember back in HG/SS how Rubix called her rival 'Idiot'. ROFL :D
LOL, I was soooo temped to do that in Leafgreen! In SS, I named my rival Lucaz, because he is the evil version of Platinum's Lucus in opinion!
oh my holy lol!
mine rivals name is goatcow

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Hugh is the player's rival in Black 2 and White 2. He is from Aspertia City, like the player characters, and is also seeking to become a Pokémon Master. Throughout the game, the player helps Hugh retrieve his sister's Purrloin which was stolen by Team Plasma. "Hugh" is the default name option, but the player can pick a custom name

Wikipedia is the source. :3

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thnz fizzy
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I named mine Frankenstein!
LOL, Steelix.
Im gonna name mines ASSNOSE