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I need to get the Garchompite, and it'd be much easier to do it in X, and since I haven't reset the file yet, I still can, unfortunately, I haven't battled my rival for the final time, so what should I do? Also, what level should you be to rematch Steven, 'cause I also need that Metagrossite, those two are the last ones I need.

You should really be fine as long as your Pokemon are around the same level.

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Serena's/Calem's Pokémon range from Level 66 to 70 when you battle them in Kiloude City. So, I would probably level up your Pokémon to around 72-74 to have some nice room in damage and speed.

Rematching Steven yields his Level 77 Pokémon. Again, I would level up your Pokémon to around 81-83 to have that safe advantage again.

Hope this helps!

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Around Level 66-68 you should be fine.

For which one? Steven, or the Kalos Rival?