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That was the intention at first. That baby kangaskahn would evolve into cubone if holding the kangaskahn skull and later into a marowak. If not it would evolve into a kangaskahn. But they decided that it was a bit innapropriate for children so they through it out and gave and cubone its own evolution chain, completly seperate from kangaskahn. But here's the tricky part. Baby would've been both genders therefore creating a male kangaskahn. But when they cancelled out the cubone/kangaskahn chain it erased the male but created a glitch in the game. For some of you who are familiar with the popular Missingno, that glitch is why missingno becomes a kangaskahn when captured. Female of course.

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Nope, that's a completely messed up rumor, that's not true at all :3

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Although there are so many rumors about it that I almost believed a couple of months ago...
People are so idiotic sometimes, they think they can break a small rumor and get famous then just get slapped in the face later on >.>
Btw, good to see you ST :D
Nice to see you too :D Sorry for being gone so long ;-;