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His Pokédex page on this site indicates that he learns Shadow Bone when he evolves.


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It's not possible, sorry. However, there are two ways to get Alolan Marowak in Sword and Shield.

You can transfer one from the Gen 7 games if you have a subscription to both Pokemon Bank and HOME.

The second way is in the Isle of Armor. Talk to the Diglett hiker, and recover his lost Digletts. Finding fifty lost Digletts will make him give you an Alolan Marowak.

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I transferred one. Thanks!
There's also a trainer who will give one to you if you give her regular Marowak.
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You can't

You have to transfer an Alolan Marowak from Sun/Moon/US/UM in order to get it's Alolan form in SwSh.

Alternatively, if you have the IOA expansion pass, then the Diglett Master will grant you an Alolan Marowak after you collect fifty Digletts.

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No! That's impossible. You can only evolve Cubone into Alolan Marowak in Alola region. So you need to do so in Sun/Moon or Ultra sun/Moon. But you can transfer and get one from Pokemon Home and Pokèbank
In galar region obtaining an Alolan form of a Pokemon by evolution is Impossible.
But don't worry! If you have the Isle of armor updation, talk to the Digglett hiker and help him by finding 50 among 150 of his Alolan Diggletts scattered in Galar region.

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Source: My EXP and this site.

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You could trade a kanto marowak for one too. On the isle of armor