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I don’t see why it wouldn’t, but I’ve confused because some other sources seem to have implied that maybe you aren’t able to evolve Type:Null in Sword and Shield. Is this the case? If so, does anyone know why?

What other sources?
Well, I saw a YouTube video that mentioned that Type:Null was the only other legendary Pokémon you could receive in Sword and Shield besides the Galar legendaries, but it didn’t say anything about Silvally. Also, on this website, it doesn’t say that you can obtain Silvally by evolving Type:Null on Silvally’s page in its location data section, though that may be a mistake or something, idk. I just want to know if anyone has confirmed that you can evolve the Type:Null you receive in Sword and Shield.
Yeah that's just a piece that hasn't been filled in yet. That would be ridiculous if you couldn't evolve it. Otherwise, nobody would have the shiny charm yet!

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Yes, you can evolve your Type: Null into Silvally. Just like you can evolve it in SM/USUM.

Source: Experience

I evolved mine through the Camping feature. Just have Type: Null in the front of your party, access the Camping feature, and start raising its happiness by throwing balls towards it, talking to it, and cooking curry for it.