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I've seen many members talk about ev traning, moveset and other pokemon words that I don't even no how to say. I've tryed to ask them but they keep saying the same answer, " this is a pokemon website that you ask questions, and your suposed to ask quetion." So I did finaly and now I need some help to undersant poke-Language. <?>


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Here are a couple of pokemon vocab words you should come to learn:

EV-Effort value is a set value a pokemon gets by defeating other pokemon, it can raise its stats. It can should have 252 EVs in a stat to be maxed out.

EV training-Defeating specific pokemon to yield EVs, with more EVs, your pokemon will have higher stats.

Sweeper-A pokemon with high speed and an offensive stat that is used mainly for attacking and fainting other pokemon, they typically have low defenses. A pokemon can be a physical or a special sweeper based off their offensive stats. If both are high, they are considered a mixed sweeper. (some of sweepers are Alakazam, Charizard, Dragonite, Typhlosion, etc.)

Wall-A wall usually has high defenses, low speed, and low offensive stats. These pokemon are used to inflict status effects on the opponent, as well as absorb attacks that their sweeping teammates cannot. Toxic/protect is a very common move combo to use with a wall. They usually have types that have lots of resistances or very few weaknesses, like Steel. Some walls include Umbreon, Blissey, Magnezone, Steelix, etc.

Tank-Not to be mistaken for a wall, a Tank is a pokemon with high offensive and defensive stats. They hit hard with attacks, while absorbing them at the same time. They are pretty versatile and can fit several situations. Some Tanks include Magnezone, Gardevoir, Rhydon, etc.

STAB-Same type attack bonus. When a pokemon uses a move that matches its, type, like a Hitmonlee using the fighting type move hi jump kick, the move becomes 1.5 times stronger.

moveset-the suggested four moves you give a pokemon

toxistalling-A common trick among walls and tanks in which a pokemon poisons the foe with toxic, then uses protect to stall and let the poison take out the foe.

subseeding-Another common strategy, using substitute to protect yourself from the foe, while using leech seed to restore the health you lose from substitute.

These are a few of the basic ones, you can usually pick up on the rest as you go along in this site. I'll probably update this if I think of more.

Another is Sub-Punch: Using Substitute on a slow Pokemon to allow Focus Punch to hit without flinching.
Thank you for helping me clarify what a Tank was.