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Which is better and for what purposes.
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Both Clefable and Wigglytuff perform different roles in the metagame. But there is a reason why Clefable is RU while Wigglytuff is NU.

  • Clefable can run a multitude of sets due to its access to Magic Guard, which make it take no damage from status; only direct damage can hit. Therefore, it can absorb status and support the team with Wish, Heal Bell, and Stealth Rock. Having better Defenses than Wigglytuff make sit a better team player. Having Magic Guard means it also takes no recoil from Life Orb and recoil moves, meaning offensive Clefable with Double Edge can put in work.

  • Wigglytuff's main perk is that it has a large HP stat, making it an effective Dual Screener and Wish Passer. It can also set up Stealth Rock. Besides that, Wigglytuff is outclassed by Clefable.

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