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I'm just wondering in what kind of scenerio would either ability come in handy.

BTW My Wigglytuff had Competitive.


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Frisk is probably its better ability given its ability to scout. you can find out if soemthing has a Band and you should steer clear of that power or you could discover a surprise Scarf. Cute Charm isn't a great move because you're relying on it actually activating in the first place and Wiggly doesn't have the offense to make real good use out of competitive. This makes Frisk the superior ability as it will find out for you what your opponent's strategy.

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I'll try to answer this the best I can
First lets start with what they do

Cute Charm: If a move makes contact, there's a 30% chance for it to be infatuated but only if it has an opposite gender than your Wigglytuff (not genderless Pokemon)

In the best Scenario: It is useful when battling against a trainer who mostly have Pokemon of a different gender than your wigglytuff and has more physical moves

Competitive: If hit by a stat lowering move it raises it special attack

In the best scenario: It could help if you use special attacks,However after Competitive has been
activated your opponent will notice and stop using stat lowering moves

Frisk: The Pokemon can check the foes item

In the best scenario: it can be used against trainers who are very careful choosing there items
but in-game trainers would usually just use berrys.

It's up to you which you like better