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I'm playing Gen 8 OU. Slowbro gets Future Sight, Scald, Slack Off and Regenerator, plus it can put a decent dent in teams with Calm Mind-boosted attacks. Clefable gets Magic Guard, Wish, Soft-Boiled, and Stealth Rock. Which is better for Gen 8 OU, why is it better, and what's a good set for them both?

In all honesty, it depends on the team. Vulnerable to ground types then Slowbro is better. Not vulnerable to ground types then usually Clefable

lol sumwun that's a nice reason xD

And there is a tournament going on?
@Demon Hunter the polytype tournament sign ups will begin tomorrow. You can check the Mehta tomorrow it should be there
We should start a tournament sometime next week. You can read more in this thread: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/13419/pokemon-tournament-suggestions-posting-tournament-january
Will there be a thread for the sign ups or do you sign up somewhere else?

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Well, here’s the Pros and Cons of each
•Superior stats to Clef
•Regenerator is an amazing ability
•Access to reliable recovery in Slack Off, Scald with a burn chance, Future Sight, and Calm Mind for setup.
•Can work as a good trick room setter
•Not as good a movepool as Clef
•5 weaknesses and no immunities
•It’s a bulky water type, so it faces stiff competition from a certain crown-of-thorns starfish Water/Poison type in the tier
•Magic Gaurd and Unaware are both amazing abilities. Magic Gaurd prevents any sort of chip damage, while Unaware annoys setup sweeprs.
•Fairy is an extremely valuable typing, beating the common Fighting, Dark, and Dragons, and gives it an immunity to dragon.
•One of the most versatile movepools of any Pokémon. It has Stealth Rock, Soft-Boiled, Wish, Teleport, Moonblast, and Calm Mind at it’s disposal.
•It’s rated S tier lol
•Not-so-good stats
•Not many resistances

Overall, I would prefer Clefable for it’s awesome movepool, ability, and Fairy typing being valuable in OU.
Now for the Movesets:
Clefable @ Leftovers
Ability:Magic Gaurd/Unaware
EVs:252 HP/252 Def/4 SpA
•Stealth Rock
•Soft Boiled
•Calm Mind

Slowbro @ Heavy-Duty Boots
EVs:252 HP/252 Def/4 SpA
•Slack Off
•Future Sight

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Guess I'll go with Clefable.
Slowbro has regenerator and is not immune to toxic, so it's much better at using teleport than calm mind.
@sumwum why is being vulnerable to Toxic a good thing?
Oh, didn’t realize it had teleport
A couple things you forgot to mention. One, ghosts and psychics have a miserable time in gen 8 ou atm due to dark Urshifu and two, Slowbro is a great check to the ground types in the tier. Really, this thing takes a +2 adamant Garchomp earthquake boosted by life orb and threatens it back with burn. Also, boots is better than leftovers for Slowbro as if it gets chipped, it suddenly won't be able to check the tier's ground types. Another con of Slowbro is that it is a bulky water and all bulky waters have to compete with that unkillable abomination known as Toxapex. Aside from those, this is a very good comparison
@Blade It's not a good thing, but it hurts calm mind Slowbro more than it hurts teleport Slowbro. Therefore calm mind is worse than teleport.
Thank you, @Demon Hunter
Oh and I forgot something. Slowbro is also the best physical pivot in the tier and it makes every single physical attacker in the game that much more difficult to deal with. This is due to future sight completely killing Buzzwole, who not only walls the main physical attackers in dark Urshifu, Garchomp and Rillaboom but straight up kills them while even Cinderace will not have an easy time breaking thru it either. With the cancer inducing future sight + teleport, all these physical attackers become very difficult to deal with. Buzzwole isn't the only victim as even Toxapex is no longer an unkillable abomination because of the sight and even Landorus therian will have a hard time checking them