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Anyways this is the team: http://piratepad.net/juQzVxobXJ

I feel Like I need a Special Wall and/or maybe a water type :3

I think Accelgor and Manectric are Expendable,

I'm Taking suggestions ^.^ Special Wall :P Gogogogogogo!

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Thinking Lanturn.
In a completely unrelated matter, you've got one two many Choice Pokemon for my taste.
Since this is a team question it should be on the RMT section.
naw its fine as is. Lanturn set plz? i love det it resists ice beam :P

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I would replace Manectric for Lanturn.
enter image description here
Lanturn @ Leftovers
Trait: Volt Absorb
Nature: Calm
Ev's: 252 Def/40 HP/216 Sp. Def
- Scald
- Thunderbolt/Volt Switch
- Ice Beam
- Heal Bell/Thunder Wave

This is more of a tank than a dedicated wall, but with his health + investment in his defences he can fulfil both roles at the same time fairly well. For the last move slot, Heal Bell is for team support, while Thunder Wave might allow him to outspeed some stuff, as well as para-hax support.

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Perfect ^.^