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It’s special attack is HUGE. It also has decent speed that’s really great with a choice scarf. It should at least be UU.


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Every newly introduced Pokemon in DLC2 started in OU. Xurkitree had low enough usage in OU within the small period that the DLC2 was implemented into showdown for it to reach the threshold of dropping to RU. There were very few people using Xurkitree in OU since a lot of people were trying out the new Regieleki as well as using other electric types that were already established to be better in older generations like Tapu Koko.

TLDR: Since Xurkitree was below 1/15 of the 4.52% usage cutoff (it was used on 0.189% of OU teams), it got sent to RU.

> Dropping from OU will be more complex:​
> OU to UU → below the 4.52% cutoff​
> OU to RU → below 1/15th of 4.52%​
> OU to NU → below 1/30th of 4.52%​
> OU to PU → below 1/60th of 4.52%​


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Just wondering, is it possible it might be banned from RU? Anyway, thanks!!
yes, that is definitely a likely possibility. if that doesnt happen for some reason, it could also rise to UU if it sees enough usage in the tier
Ol' Xurk is pretty good... I almost never play, and I can reliably set up with him. It's very likely that once the new releases fully assimilate, Xurkitree will be among the 'mons who will experience tier shifting
You forget they removed Tail Glow from competitive. Xurkitree is still very good, but it had a really good Niche on Sticky Web teams to set up with Tail Glow and sweep better than with Choice Scarf, but without that, Specs Regieleki and Tapu Koko are much better than the Choice Scarf Set :P