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I heard something about being able to get some from the captain of the s.s aqua . But how do you get and on what days from what port? The only plate I really care about is the metal plate so I can have steelix.Thank you to anyone who helps =)

You can find wild steelix in Mt.Silver and the Cliff Cave

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Yep, you can get one plate rom the Captain each time you go on the Aqua. Wednesday, Sunday, Monday, and Friday are days you can go on the ship. By the way, Steelix needs the Metal COAT, not the Metal PLATE in order to evolve.

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Ok so this is what you do :
you go to the captin of the s.s aqua
on monday,sunday,wednesday and frieday
talk to him and he will give you a plate

now look what your onix needs to evolve into a steelix
is you to give it the metal coat
and then trade it
the plates are for the legendary pokemon arceus
you give him the plate and he will turn into the same type of the plate

i hope that will help you kode167