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I really need to know.

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Kanto or johto? And how far are you into the game.

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You must have a ticket to the magnet train before you can get past the train conductor. To get by him, you need a Train Pass. To get such a pass, you have to already have beaten the Elite Four, and taken the ship to Kanto.

Once there, you can go right to Saffron. In Saffron City, it turns out that Copycat (A girl from the original Red and Blue games, that gives you a TM for Mimic.), has a new house. Visit Copycat, and she'll be whining about losing her doll when she was moving. Your job is to find her doll!

To find the doll, just go to the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City, and talk to the "Clefairy" sitting at the table. Turns out the Clefairy is actually a doll. The man who found it will let you take it back to Copycat.

Go back to Saffron City and return the doll. As a token of thanks, Copycat will give you a Pass to take the Magnet Train. This is how you get past the train conductor to take the train.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the fact that there is a massive power outage in Kanto, and that you have to do another side quest before you can take the Magnet Train. Please just look that side quest up though, because my fingers are cramping up. =P

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To do so you HAVE to have the magnet train pass to get so follow EXACTLY what I say.

you have to go to saffron city then, from the pokemon center walk/run up 2 not counting the first one (the one with the pokemon center) then, walk in and you should see a pink house go inside and go to the second floor,then talk to the little girl and she'll say she lost her doll, now once you've talked to her exit the house and fly/run to vermillion city.

now from the pokemon center walk down one block and go over to see a green roofed house now enter the house but befor you can enter steven from hoenn pops out and shows you a legendary pokemon (heart gold=latias Soul silver=latios) when hes done talking enter the house and you'll see a clefariy talk to it and the owner of the fan club will talk to you and he'll let you take it back to the little girl.

next exit the house and fly/run to saffron city and go to the pink house and give her (the little girl) the doll then talk to everyone in the house and someone should give you the train pass.

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GET THE TRAIN PASS FROM THE COPPY CAT GIRL WHO LIVES IN THE PINK HOUSE IN THE KANTO TRAIN STATION TOWN. dats all I got im to lasy to go and get my dsi and do all the other stuff. HE hE hE