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Voltorb Flip.....you fascist.
P.S.: This is for Jolteon, before the Elite Four.

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Hmm... If you own Pokemon Battle Revolution, you might be able to transfer some TMs over. Other than that, you're going up have to wait for post-game Cerulean Cave, or stick with the tedious Voltorb Flip prize.
> Poké Coupons can also be used to purchase items which can be sent to the Generation IV DS games. Some items are not available until certain conditions have been met.


The TM24 is one of those items.

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You can get it in :
Before E4:
Thunderbolt:Goldenrod Game Corner (10000 coin)

You can play the voltorb flip game and get it.There is the only way you can get thunderbolt quickly.

This is the only and easy way of geting tm24 thunderbolt.

Post game:
Cerulean cave

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I said: HOW do I get it quickly? Not where.