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Will I be able to trade Pokemon from the national dex into my white2 game after getting the first gym badge and before beating the elite4 ?Or can I only get Pokemon by trading from the B2W2 Pokedex?
Eg:Will I be able to get a treecko by trading before getting the national dex in white2?


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You can trade post National Dex (but you have to reach a certain town, to my knowledge, it's pretty early in the game so I assume your somewhere in the middle of the game)

However, to get your Treecko, you must have your White 2, you must have another Generation V Pokemon Game that has access to the PokeTransfer (i.e. It's a completed game), and you must have another game (preferably Gen III) that has Treecko on it.

  1. Get your Nintendo DS, insert your Gen III game into the GBA slot, and your Gen V game in the DS Slot. If you are using a Gen IV game, instead of a Gen III game, you'll need two Nintendo DS systems and you need to use Nintendo DS Download Play.
  2. Head to the PokeTransfer and migrate the Treecko to your completed game. Make sure it does not have any items, since items cannot be transferred.
  3. The Treecko should now be in your completed Gen V game. Now, get your White 2 and trade the Treecko over to White 2.

Treecko should now be in White 2! Congratulations!
When you are summarizing Treecko, you will see that the Pokedex No. simply reads ---. That is okay - when you get the National Dex it will read #253.

Hope I helped. :)
(Sorry if I overdid this. xD)
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Thanks guys for the answers.
So if any one else playing a gen 5 game has a treecko,I can trade and get it from them before national dex,right?
Yes. Yes you can.
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You can get a treecko before obtaining the national pokedex by trading, but of course you can only trade with generation-5 Pokemon games.