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I have a lv. 63 pidove and it is very weak since when ever it levels up it only gets about 1 point for attack, speed, hp, defense, ect.

I have a level 56 krookadile and and he gets about 3 points when he levels up. He is fully evolved. Pidove is not.

If you don't let a Pokemon evolve, is it weaker?

is there anything I can do with pidove to fix the problem without evolving it?

It will be weaker, but I decided to keep my Totodile unevolved because he's, you know, awesome. (;
um... im not that sure but...
i guess its weaker so use calciums and all them stuff :P ev train!
i probably didnt help but... i tried


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A Pokemon that isnt evolved is always weaker then a Pokemon that is. Stats are much lower meaning that an evolved Pokemon is always more powerful. Some things you may do that could help would be EV train your pidove, it always helps increase stats, also giving it vitamins that may increase stats and maybe giving it a powerful moveset.

Hope I helped

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Ghee thanks, FYI if you didnt see pidove's question its asking if its pidove is weaker unevolved and thats what I asnwered, you didnt have to be so rude and say it isnt a good answer just because your expert friend asnwered below. Keep that up and this site wont go anywhere :)
Just saying, EV training doesn't always make stats the best, pidove's stats will still be pretty low, and anyways, giving an eviolite can have better stats in defense, and other items boost it, plus some stats are better than an evolved form of a Pokemon, and the word "powerful" really has no meaning in Pokemon, Chansey and Blissey are competing with each other, and Chansey is not fully evolved. I am not trying to be rude, but these are just my reasons why I downvoted and I think Mew's answer deserves to be BA'd.
Just stating an answer is wrong doesn't bring people anywhere. What about it is wrong? I can see nothing wrong with this answer as it is quite true that unless the Eviolite is taken into consideration, all pre-evos are weaker. Hell, even with Eviolite the only Pokemon that is better than its evolution is Dusclops, although I would still rather have Dusknoir for ingame purposes. The context of the question is clearly ingame, which is an environment that is not suitable for walling and stalling. In fact, such things make ingame very unpleasant. Straight up offense is the way to go for ingame. Blissey will be better than Chansey, Dusknoir better than Dusclops. Pidove certainly isn't stronger than Unfezant, that's for sure.

He's also correct in saying that EV training will increase the stats. As you might note from the question, his Pidove is only gaining 1 in its stats. This is a sign that it isn't getting many EVs. He never said that this will make Pidove more powerful than its evolution, he did say it would help out Pidove though, which is certainly true.

I agree that Mew's answer is better. It does touch upon some instances where the stats of the pre-evo are better than the stats of the evolution. However, Magneton having higher speed and access to Eviolite does not make it better than Magenzone. Chansey is worthless ingame, as is Dusclops. Scyther is a cool Pokemon for ingame, but it doesn't come even close to what Scizor is. This answer is not wrong, meaning that it is up to the author of the question to decide which answer helped him most, which is what BA is for.
thanks trachy, and im a she :P but its ok
I've took some reconsideration, and I've removed your downvote. :3 Sorry for the misunderstanding
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Generally, it is best to evolve your Pokemon, as they usually acquire higher stats, more level up moves, TM moves, and sometimes get better abilities. However, there are some reasons you may consider to not to evolve your Pokemon.

  • If they have good bulk, they may utilize the item Eviolite, which allows you to boost an unevolved Pokemon's Defenses by 1.5x. This is handy on Dusclops and Chansey.

  • If they have better stats unevolved in a certain area. For example, Magneton has better Speed than its evolved form, Magnezone. Similar situation for Scyther as well.

  • Perhaps an unevolved form has access to a STAB that you like, like Scyther's Flying STAB. This isn't used too much, to be honest.