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If Piloswine can learn the move during level-up(In this case it does), take it to mistralton city where you will find the remembering/deleting family. Go to the remembering family member and she will let you browse through the moves that Piloswine can remember. You should find it there and select it. Give her a heart scale and you will have remembered ancient power. You can do the same thing in PWT In Black & White 2. Then level it up.

Source: getting wood hammer on torterra

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You can go to Mistralation city(B or W) or go to the PWT(B2,W2) in Generation5. In generation4, you can breed a swinub and it's should know Ancient Power. Level it up until it becomes a piloswine.Then level it up one more time, and it'll evolve into a Mamoswine. Also,in Generation 4 you can go to a move tutor to learn ancient power(Credit to CoolSammichHero).

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First form is Swinub.
Or if it forgets it, you can always go to a move remember-er or tutor.
There's a move reminder in gen 4 too!