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I am always trying to get every single Pokemon I can possibly get out of this one game before I move onto the next. Right now I am playing Pearl. I have been looking at the dex here on this site a lot for Pokemon that I don't have & I always see their location data, but then later find out that the only way to actually get them at those places is by inserting Ruby, Emerald, etc in the GBA slot.

I'm actually fine with getting those games eventually, but I have suffered a setback. I got a copy of Emerald together with LeafGreen off of an online auction & this jerk that sold it to me turned out to be a real scam artist. So I am working on getting my money back but meanwhile I don't have those 2 games. But even without that, I don't think I am willing to just buy a millon games & then have them become outmoded & find out something isn't backwards compatible or whatever....

So really I just want to know which Pokemon I can get in Pearl without having to use ANY other game along with it. Like, just purely Pearl. I also have Diamond but haven't been playing, and I bought Platinum online just today so should have it in a few weeks. I think this w ill be it for a long while as far as spending $$ on games!

(The bad copies of the 2 GBA games that I got don't allow transferring plus have 1 or 2 other issues. So that doesn't do me much good at all. I never knew when I got into ths that getting a full Pokedex on 1 game would be so hard! Or impossible.

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It's impossible. You must trade with Platinum, Diamond, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, as well as dual slot with Emerald for the three Regis.

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Well, here is a list of Pokemon that can only be found when shoving a GBA game into the DS.

Just remember to avoid those particular Pokemon, I guess. :3
Hope I helped. :)
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