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I put a male Infernale and a female [email protected] with Fake Out in the daycare and so far I've gotten two male Makuhitas. Any chance of me getting a Chimchar?

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When breeding two Pokemon in the same egg group the baby Pokemon will always be the first stage evolution of the female Pokemon you're breeding. If you want a Chimcar you could always do one of these two things:
breed an Infernape with a Ditto (which will always give you the first stage evolution of the Pokemon that isn't Ditto) or,
Get a female Infernape so when you put it in the daycare with another Pokemon the egg will always be a chimcar.

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Sadly, no. If you breed two Pokémon, you will get the first evolution of the female's line.

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You can't get a chimchar from breeding a male infernape. You could breed the infernape with a ditto and you'd get a chimchar.

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No. You will not get a Chimchar. When breeding Pokemon, the egg that hatches will always be the lowest Pokemon in the female Pokemon's evolution line, excluding a few Pokemon. You can, however, the an egg that can hatch into the offspring of a male Pokemon by breeding it with a Ditto.

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I'm trying to get an Infernape with Fake Out.