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Okay... so I'm breeding Digletts. Just curious... the gender ratio says that male/female digletts are 50/50... but I got 15 FEMALES IN A ROW!!! What gives?

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It must be the luck of the draw.

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Nothing gives. It's impossible to manipulate the sex of offspring, so this is just the result of probability -- very unlikely probability at that. The specific chance of this occurring is (1/2)^15 or 1/32768, which is exactly eight times rarer than encountering a Shiny Pokemon under normal circumstances.

It's nothing to be worried about though, PokeRus is twice as rare and people still end up finding that.

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So I can get something 8 times as rare as a shiny- but not a shiny Eevee in 150 tries?! I hate my luck.
Yeah that's unfortunate, though do keep in mind that you're hardly unlucky for not getting a Shiny in 150 attempts. Your chance of getting at least one Shiny in 150 attempts is about 3.6% (if I'm remembering binomial probability correctly lol). It's definitely better than the near-zero chance of hatching all those eggs with the same sex, but your chance of getting that Eevee so soon was still bad.