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Ok so here's what I've got. I bought 2 used games and they both have stuff on em already. Some of this "stuff" is excellent (like, REALLY good) & I do NOT want to take my friends' advice & just delete the games to begin my own file.

What I WANT to do is transfer the Pokemon & items from either Black 2 to White or from White to Black 2. The decision rests on which game is better I guess.
I know "better" is a relative concept so its hard to say but lemme just ask if either of those are similar to Pearl? Pearl is my first Pokemon game & I'm comfortable with the way things were in there.

Among Pokemon White and Pokemon Black II are there any cool features that kind of make one of them so much better in your opinion?

The one that I bought down the street from me has a couple of those rare eggs on it. I wonder if they can even still be used. Cant say I know how they work but I'll figure that out later on. No shinies on that one but my copy of B2 has some.

Sooo my plan is to transfer all my stuff from what I consider my "main" game, Pearl, to White and hope I don't run out of space in the boxes. I mean unless you all think I should move from Pearl to Black II. Gahhh I don't know.

To quote whatshername (was it Lila? Lilo? Lola? lol) in The Fifth Element, "please help".

To the Great Deku Tree:

Yes, I know I asked something similar before but since then I have found out all of my options AND have bought White.  So its a slightly different story.    Like, that changes all of the possibilities.  I guess.     My main concern is just not losing certain team members & items.
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This question should really help you. Duplicate question really.

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Well, if that helps this is a dupe question.
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Let's just state this, White and Black 2 are two incredibly different games, unlike most prequel-sequel connections.

The Pokemon that appear in White are all Gen V. (This enraged me when I first got the game. Lol. xD) The only non-Gen-V-Pokemon are found post-game. :( So, if you prefer older Pokemon you should DEEPLY consider Black 2, where are variety of Pokemon appear, compared to the game's prequel.

As for the storyline, I'm gonna try my best to sum this up. To my knowledge, I can't say there is any continuity between the two games, except for the fact that the games NPC's keep on saying
>I once saw this trainer two years ago, who did this and that and it just... touched me. I hope they beat the game and their future selves will play the sequel and will talk to me again. Hey, I think I know you somewhere! Are you that trainer who just [blah blah blah] cows.

And all that stupid reference. Apart from that, there is no continuity to my knowledge.

A storyline is extremely opinionated, so I can't judge it that well, but both have good storylines. If you like a bit of destruction here and villains-who-turned-into-heroes thing, than choose Black 2. As for White, there is no continuity (obviously) but if you like a bit of friend-turned-to-enemy here and two-rival-nonsense there, choose White. Also, in Black 2, the order you approach the locations are completely reverse (so, Route 1 in White are Level 2, Route 1 in Black 2 are Level 50-something)

It should be noted that you do have two rivals in White. (Or, at least two people that battle you frequently throughout the game, but rivals for short. xD) There are also more locations in Black 2, so if you like a longer storyline that go for it.

If you like completing your Regional Pokedex, there are disadvantages for both games. They are both minor. In White, there is one Pokemon (and it's one Pokemon it's evolutionary line) are unavailable under all circumstances (I think it's the Braviary, or it's version-opposing exclusive) since it does not appear at all in the game, unless you trade from another game. (i.e. GTS won't work) Also, in Black 2, you cannot breed until post-game like in FireRed and LeafGreen.

So... you're choice, I guess. If you want me to clear something up, ask me and I'll talk about it.

Hope I helped. :)