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i want to know which is better to play

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Neither one is betten than the other. It is 100% your choice. Here are the differances.


Opelucid City is technologycal
You have Black City east of Nmbasa City
You fight Drayden instead of Iris as 8th Gym Leader
Some Pokemon are exclusive to this version (Cottonee, Whimsicott, etc.)
Reshiram is the signature Legendary
Tornadus is catchable


Opelucid City is old and historic
You have White Forest instead of Black City east of Nibasa City
You fight Iris instead of Drayden as 8th Gym Leader
Some Pokemon are exclusive to this version (Petilil, Lilligant, etc.)
Zekrom is the signatre Legendary
Thundurus is catchable

Iris and Drayden have the same Pokemon and don't vary in any way.

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Thanks for the answer
you can petilil/cottonee trough a trade in nacrene city
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if its black,you'll fight drayden at the last gym ;while white you 'll fight iris
after you beat the game,in black you can go to black city while white you go to white forest
black city have a lot of trainers while white forest have many wild pokemon
there are also version exclusive pokemon like reshiram,tornadus,gothita and rufflet on black;zekrom,thundurus, solosis and vullaby in white

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Don't forget about sawk and Throh
You can get Sawk and Throh in both games, one is just rarer than the other.
Rufflet is version exclusive to white! I should know I have a Mandibuzz :)