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I mean one for each type


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  • Normal: Explosion
  • Fire: V-Create
  • Water: Aqua Tail
  • Grass: Power Whip
  • Electric: Bolt Strike
  • Flying: Sky Attack
  • Ground: Earthquake
  • Rock: Rock Wrecker
  • Poison: Gunk Shot
  • Steel: Iron Tail, Meteor Mash
  • Psychic: Zen Headbutt
  • Ghost: Shadow Force
  • Dark: Foul Play
  • Dragon: Outrage
  • Fighting: Focus Punch
  • Bug: Megahorn
  • Ice: Freeze Shock


  • Normal: Hyper Beam
  • Fire: Blast Burn, Eruption
  • Water: Hydro Cannon, Water Spout
  • Grass: Frenzy Plant
  • Electric: Thunder
  • Flying: Hurricane
  • Ground: Earth Power
  • Rock: Power Gem
  • Poison: Sludge Wave
  • Steel: Doom Desire
  • Psychic: Psycho Boost
  • Ghost: Shadow Ball
  • Dark: Night Daze
  • Dragon: Roar of Time
  • Fighting: Focus Blast
  • Bug: Bug Buzz
  • Ice: Ice Burn
he said one for each type
He said that after I answered :/
well that sucks, good answer:)
Crabhammer is a stronger physical move than Aqua Tail
this answer was before crabhammer's new base power was revealed in xy
You should really check the dates of the answers before commenting
Yeah, I probably should...
how about regular moves, not signature moves
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Normal: Explosion (Not counting Guillotine or Horn Drill)
Fire: V-Create
Water: Crabhammer but Magikarp's Revenge is illegal and has 120
Grass: Power Whip
Electric: Bolt Strike
Ice: Freeze Shock (Not counting Refrigerate Explosion)
Fighting: Focus Punch
Flying: Sky Attack (Not counting Aerilate Explosion)
Ground: Precipice Blades (Not counting Fissure)
Rock: Rock Wrecker and Head Smash
Poison: Gunk Shot
Psychic: Psystrike in terms of against Def, Zen Headbutt in terms of using attack stat
Bug: Megahorn
Dark: Hyperspace Fury, but Punishment can get stronger due to enemy boosts
Ghost: Shadow Force
Steel: Iron Tail, but Gyro Ball and Heavy Slam can reach 150
Dragon: Outrage
Fairy: Play Rough (Not counting Pixilate Explosion)

Normal: Hyper Beam
Fire: Blast Burn
Water: Hydro Cannon
Grass: Frenzy Plant
Electric: Zap Cannon but Electro Ball can reach 150
Ice: Ice Burn (Not counting Sheer Cold)
Fighting: Focus Blast
Flying: Hurricane (Not counting Aerilate Hyper Beam)
Ground: Earth Power (Not counting Ground Judgment)
Rock: Power Gem (Not counting Rock Judgment)
Poison: Belch
Psychic: Psycho Boost, but Stored Power has 860 if all stats are maxed
Bug: Bug Buzz (Not counting Bug Judgment)
Dark: Night Daze (Not counting Dark Judgment)
Ghost: Shadow Ball but Hex has 130 against a statused Pokemon
Steel: Doom Desire
Dragon: Roar of Time
Fairy: Moonblast (Not counting Pixilate Hyper Beam) but Light of Ruin is illegal and has 150