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I was playing Battle Royale when a Slaking used Giga Impact on Mow Rotom, and it knocked it out!
Also in the Battle Tree a Marowak used Facade on a Dhelmise.

These moves were Normal Type moves and and the Pokemon were Ghost Types. Normal Type moves aren't supposed to effect Ghost Pokemon and vice versa so why did the attacks hit?

Note: The Marowak was non Alolan and had a burn if that helps. Also it was holding a Red Card and I was in Multi Battle with a NPC.

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Rotom-Mow isn't Ghost type btw. What move did you use with Marowak before you use Facade? Also, what move did Dhelmise use as well?
Oh, I thought it became Grass/Ghost...
Nah, it's grass/electric
The Marowak's ability could have changed for some reason. Scrappy, galvanize, pixilate, aerilate, and refrigerate allow the ability wielder to hit ghost Pokemon with normal attacks. The Dhelmise could have been holding a ring target, which removes the holder's type immunities. The Dhelmise could have had its type changed due to something like soak or reflect type. Facade could have had its type changed by something like galvanize, aerilate, pixilate, refrigerate, ion deluge, or electrify.
Nothing changed about the Marowak, and I looked on Bulbapedia and none of the Dhelmise that appear in the Battle Tree hold a Ring Target. So I'm just going to assume it was a glitch.
Bulbapedia says that none of the Marowak at the Battle Tree have Facade on them. Now I don't even know what happened.
Bulbapedia is a fanmade website, some things we can trust, but not all of them, if you want 100% acuracy, you need to search in the official meedia.  I for example, look into both fan mades and official meedia, the official meedia never made mistakes or explain some things wrong, but in fan made this happen alot, so you have to take this into account.  Some of the best official sources are the official guides made by prima, nintendo and game freak

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They must have used the items or moves that allow moves that woudn't have any effect to be effective, moves like foresight and items, such as Ring target for example.
The game rarely shows problems with such effects, this could also be a very extremely rare ocasion in wich a mistake could happen, (not the most likely) or you could make mistake and didn't notice a very important item or move being used.

(Also for rotom, he could be in the one of his alternative form that doesn't have the ghost type)

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