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I want to train My Blastoise with TMs so It covers as many if not all types. What Types will take care of my want and, which Moves from each type Should it learn, give in mind It has to be able to learn the moves So which Moves from Which types Should I teach, and which types will they cover?


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Well, Blastoise is a pretty bulky water type but it also has decent Sp.Atk and Atk. So Blastoise can be a Pokemon that hangs in there for a pretty long time. Since you want to train your Blastoise with TMs its a good ideia to think about dealing with Grass and Electric types. So heres my suggestion.

Blastoise @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Relaxed
EVs: 252 HP/250 Def/ 6 Sp.Def

  • Earthquake
  • Ice beam
  • Aqua Tail/ Hydro Pump
  • Focus Blast

First of all to get rid of those Electric types you have Earthquake. So you can easily get rid of Electric types, Rock types, Steel types , Fire types and Poison types. Next you have Ice beam that covers you from you Grass weakness and also covers your from Ground, Flying and Dragon types. Then you have your STAB move. If your looking for more Acc. then go for Aqua Tail, If you want more power then Hydro pump is good. Also this attack covers you from Fire types, Rock types, and Ground types. Last but not least you've got Focus Blast. Powerful move that hits hard against Normal types, Ice types, Rock types , Dark types and Steel types.

Hope I Helped

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Why is Blastoise running a defensive EV set but has entirely offensive moves? Also, it's ill-advised to have a mixed set for most Pokemon, and Blastoise is not an exception.
Meh, Blastoise's moveset is fine. It covers weaknesses and anyway, I mix up move types as well. Remember the question asked for a TYPE RESISTANCE moveset not a FIGHTING moveset.
Nice set of Moves! You sure do know your types! Thanks, I appreciate it!
Its running a defensive set because it is a defensive pokemon but it also has enough power to run that moveset, and since Barx wanted a moveset to cover its weaknesses thats what I did
I am impressed, with the exception of the Hydro Pump/Aqua Tail. because, why teach a Pokemon a move if that move covers types that are covered by others which also cover different types? If it makes sense
If a Pokemon is running an offensive set, it should have max EV investment in its offences. If you want to make Blastoise a tank, then give it moves like Roar or Toxic. At the moment it's just half-way, not being able to tank/ phase properly and not being able to sweep properly either. Blastoise's 83 base atk and 85 base sp. atk are nothing to rave about.
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Bug Type
Good against Grass, Psychic, Dark

Dark Type
Good against: Ghost, Psychic

Dragon Type
Good against: Dragon

Electric Type
Good against: Water, Flying

Fairy Type
Good against: Poison, Steel

Fighting Type
Good against: Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel

Fire Type
Good against: Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel

Flying Type
Good against: Grass, Fighting, Bug

Ghost Type
Good against: Ghost, Psychic

Grass Type
Good against: Water, Ground, Rock

Ground Type
Good against: Fire, Poison, Electric, Rock, Steel

Ice Type
Good against: Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon

Normal Type
Does neutral damage to all type expect Ghost

Poison Type
Good against: Grass, Fairy

Psychic Type
Good against: Fighting, Poison

Rock Type
Good against: Ice, Fire, Flying, Bug

Steel Type
Good against: Ice, Rock, Fairy

Water Type
Good against: Fire, Ground, Rock

Fighting and Ground types cover the most types at 5 so I would definitely use a Fighting and Ground type move if you want a Pokémon that can hit the most types as the only type that Fighting and Ground type moves have in common against is Steel.

Fire, Ice and Rock type is next as it covers 4 different types. Fire type moves cover Grass, Ice, Bug and Steel types but Blastoise can't learn a Fire type move other than Hidden Power Fire and you are already covering Ice with Fighting and Steel with Ground so I wouldn't recommend it.

Ice type moves cover Dragon, Flying, Grass and Ground. I would definitely recommend an Ice type move if you were to also have a Fighting and Ground move as Ice covers completely different types that Fighting and Ground cover.

Rock types cover Flying, Fire, Bug and Ice but it is not recommended having as you are already covering Fire and Ice and Flying.

So far the type of moves I would recommend having for Blastoise:

A Fighting type move such as Focus Blast, Aura Sphere or Brick Break
A Ground type move such as Earthquake, Bulldoze or Hidden Power Ground
A Ice type move such as Ice Beam, Blizzard or Hidden Power Ice

And another move either a Dark type move such as Dark Pulse or Bite to hit Ghost and Psychic types or a Normal type move such as Skull Bash, Facade or Strength for neutral damage against all types expect Ghost

*Note having a Ground and an Ice type move covers both of your weaknesses as Ground covers Electric and Ice covers Grass.