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Hi. I finished the game, Pearl, a long time ago and Ive been running around working on getting all of the Pokemon since. I noticed that a lot of the ones that I'm missing can be found in The Great Marsh. But.... they're not popping up.

I know about the binoculars and really I think I see the exact same Pokemon every single time I look through them.
I don't see any plain grass in it, so that rules out using the Pokeradar.
I've tried all of the different rods, times of day, days of week...I dunno! ( I know there are like 3-5 that are only in Platinum. Which stinks!! Edit: woops. I typed that, started thinking & realized that I actually bought Platinum off of an auction lol. Should be here in a few days. But so far I have had NO luck migrating anything. )

These are what I'm missing. Can you tell me what to do?:

2. Gulpin
3. Exeggcute and then there are Drapion, which I actually have seen. There may be others that I don't know of. I wonder...

someone else plays pearl I'm not alone!

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I'm afraid you just have to use the binoculars and get lucky to find these Pokemon. Not all Pokemon appear every day, or in every area when they do appear. You need to use the binoculars to tell what of the changing Pokemon are in the Great Marsh on any given day. The Pokemon the binoculars shows you is random, so try it a few times before giving up for that day.

If these Pokemon are present, then they have a 10% chance to be found, which while not high, isn't particularly low either.

The changing Pokemon are really a pain to catch. I have managed to get some of them, but never all of them.

Look here for more information on the Great Marsh (including what Pokemon can be found, and all the stuff I've already said).

OMG do I?  I can honestly say that I have never, ever, ever, ever been so....well, obsessed is a strong word but into a game/game series before in my LIFE.   And I have been playing Zelda games just about yearly every year since 1986.   

I really - I don't know if I can explain what it is about Pearl but I've got 400 hours into it now and this is after I had restarted the game because a certain offspring of mine stole my first ever shiny....sigh.   Ok but anyway, I have now got the other games of this generation so hopefully I wont make myself sick of it all.  

I recently tried dual slotting some of the older games and I cant say I liked them all that much.  IDK if it was the graphics or the childishness or what.  

Mere hours ago I saw and caught Gulpin for the 1st time ever so that's good!