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Hi. I have been playing Pearl for a couple of months now & I have not come across a few of these stones and other evolution items at all yet.
One of them I think I had but used to evolve a Pokemon and...poof.

I'm just about finished with everything to do in Pearl and want to move on but... cant find these! OK here they are:

Also, for the stone that is in the warehouse - I apparently got that already because its not there. I have a feeling that I traded it early on before I knew what I was doing.

  1. Shiny stone for Togetic - I have read that there is one in Iron Island & one somewhere else but they aint there!! Are these the only 2 in the entire game??

  2. Dusk Stone

  3. King's Rock - I have seen tons of posts everywhere about how to use it or what its for, but none about WHERE on earth to find one!

Unfortunately, I cannt think of the other item(s) even though I know there were some.

EDIT: looks like I already asked about the great marsh. I noticed the related questions thing on the side & read one of them. I didn't even realize that it was my own post til the end when I saw the signature lol. (that's kind of what happens when youre missing chunks o' brain though)

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Sweet! Thanks for the quick answer.  Gonna go try to figure this out.  I have never actually successfully picked up anything like this using any of the abilities or moves that can get things but I'm working on it.
i added a link for some info on Pickup if you want it.

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Shiny Stone - Yes there are only 2 in the game for Diamond/Pearl. They are in Route 228 and Iron Island
Dusk Stones are in the same boat as Shiny, with only 2 being available, located in Victory Road and the Galactic Warehouse
Kings Rock is found in Celestic Town (With Dowsing Machine), nowhere else. However Hariyama, Politoed, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Slowbro and Slowking apparently have a 5% chance of hodling it in Gen IV. Not sure if that applies to all or just platinum.
(Seribii btw)
Also in regards to the great marsh one;
>Some Pokémon will not always appear in the Marsh. Each day, the Pokémon will change, therefore, to get a new set, players must wait a day. These Pokémon will appear randomly in one of the six areas, some may not appear for a while, while others appear several days in a row or in multiple areas on the same day. Some may not appear until after getting the National Pokédex. The only way to tell which changing Pokémon is available in the areas for the day is to use the lookout upstairs from the entrance. Mixing records also changes the changing Pokémon of the day in the Great Marsh so all players mixing records have the same Pokémon on the same day.

So... you're plain unlucky? c: Bulbapedia

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Bulbapedia says that the King's Rock in Celestic Town is only in Platinum.
so it does. I don't know which is correct, though
I have diamond, and there was no kings rock. Bulbapedia is right
k thanks. screw you serebii =.=
*flips serebii out the window*
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Shiny Stone: Iron Island, Route 210, Route 228
Dusk Stone: Galactic Warehouse and Victory Road
King's Rock: Wild Poliwhirl have a 5% chance to be holding one, but I don't think there are any lying around like the others.

All of these items can also be found using the ability Pickup. Look here for info on Pickup in Diamond/Pearl (it changes from game to game).

Hope this helped.

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