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I just don't really like the fact that now we'll have to pay to transfer our pkmns. Did something unexpected happened to Gamefreak so they loosed money or somewhat like that? I'm just pretty confused about the why of all this.


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We have to pay because a cloud service costs millions to maintain. They can't offer the functionality of this service for free, otherwise they won't profit at all from these games.

I would also like to point out that we have been paying to transfer our Pokemon. In fact, the price we had to pay in order to transfer our Pokemon prior to this verges on the ridiculous. A minimum price of $100, the standard price of a new DS. You know how many years you would have to use the Pokemon Bank to equal the price of that? 20, if what the current reports of $5 per year are true.

This is a wonderful service for those people who don't have a second DS available to them. And $5 is the price of a Subway sandwich. Deal with it.

Bull. Subway charges tax, so the sandwhich is NOT 5 dollars.
Nicely put, Trachy.
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you don't HAVE to pay. What they are charging for this very optional, very generous GIFT of a service shocked my socks off for the price that they are asking.

There are many, many, many other companies out there who would be asking multiples of this amount. I believe that if this were anybody else out there the number would never in a million years be less than $25 a month.

Also, if somebody cannot pay such a small fee, they probably wouldn't own any sort of devices such as these require and their expensive games.

I'm kind of upset to see people complaining about this.

Well said.
That last sentence completely describes my opinion on this too.
I didn't meant to look complaining, I'm just not very familiar with cloud services like this (total ignorance).