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It says that he doesn't learn Double edge til level 50 but my Hippowdon is level 44 and he just learned double edge. I was just wondering on that.

Thank you both! It really does help. I appreciate it. If you can, I'm playing SS and I was wondering if people could tell me a good moveset for: Typhlosion, Ampharos and Lapras. Thanks again! :)

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Are you sure you aren't confusing Hippopotas with Hippowdon? Because Hippopotas learns it at Lv. 44 while Hippowdon learns it at Lv. 50.

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Yea, StarPower is right. you are inverted PikachuPrincess88
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You may have leveled Hippopatas to level 44, made it learn Double Edge, and then evolved it to Hippowdon. In case you didnt know, Pokemon learn moves before their evolution does, most of the time. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster