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Their bug attacks are powered up 1.5 times.

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A swarm is like an outbreak of certain Pokemon in an area. These Pokemon are usually those that aren't found there or have a very low chance of being found there. For example, in HeartGold, on Route 13, Chansey can be rarely found. But when there is an outbreak of Chansey, they become common on that route. Another example is on Route 25, where there can be a Buneary outbreak (a Pokemon not otherwise found).
Swarms last a day, and then end. They can occur again later too, so it's not a one-time thing.

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Also id like to add to it for him @Dead ev training, swarms are amAzing for that :) look it up on youtube
Huh, that's something I've never tried before. Sounds good!

But now I don't think anyone would need EV train in HGSS or even BW2.
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A swarm is a random match up of area('s) Pokemon such as a bunch of oddish. They're also amazing to fight vs Effort Values (ev's). Anyway swarms are mostly desgined for the player to fight ev's other than that youd never guess it would anyone really.

Heres a short demonstration and a video.. Click the link below

Oddish - ev yield 1x special attack oer monster ko'd.

Fighting a swarm of oddish (5x) will yeild 5x several sp.atk evs and this'll also contribute towards other Pokemon in your party for instance

You use a vileppume to use sweet scent in a particular route when its not raining or snowing if it ever does, lol then sweet scent will call a swarm if your in grass and at an area where there is swarm. Then you get the leader to use a move that'll ko everything like surf or whatever use the leader as something that is useless but powerful.. Cause were not bothered to much about his ev's right.. The rest of the party however will have ev's built up which is good.. Works with other swarms

click here for a list of swarms on Pokemon Omega / Alpha .

Youtube Ev - swarm video 5.32mins only..

Swarms and hoardes are two different things