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I was Trying to find out where to find Baltoy in Heartgold and this website told me I can find him at a level 5 and next to that it said Swarm... Im guessing it means when, On the pokemon radio it will say that "abunch of baltoy have moved to Route 3" But Im not exactly sure. Can eny one help me?


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Ocassionally, one of the characters give you a call, and there will be a "swarm" of a pokemon. I'll use Buizel as an example. If the game says there is a swarm of Buizel on route 30, then if you go there, you can find more wild Buizel than usual. In most cases, the swarmed pokemon doesn't appear there at all, so it's an opportunity to catch new pokemon.

How do you know when he/she call and who calls?
In D/P/Pt your rival's sister will tell you the swarm Pokemon and it's location ,in HG/SS if you listen to Prof.Oak's "Pokemon Talk" he will say what the current swarm Pokemon is and it's location.