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The longer and more detailed the answer the less questions I'll have later.

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Explain what you are asking a bit better. Go to Professor Oak's to get a Kanto starter. Try to complete your Pokedex. Train your Pokemon to fight against others. Also you can do the Battle Frontier. That's it.

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I was going to ask the same question and then I thougt of something. Training a team of each type i. e. for a fire team, I have Charizard lvl 74, ho-oh lvl 69, Magmar(in training)lvl 29, Entei lvl 61, and two more. Also, theres lots more legendaries to catch, like Scuicune, Raikou and Entei, and mewtwo, and the legendary birds. Anyway, have fun with SS!

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One thing I would do is try to complete the National Dex.
One other thing I would try to do is get all of the caught pokemon to Lv. 100.

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I already put that in my answer.
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U can go get mewtwo

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You could already do that.
No you can only get it when you bet red
Once you beat all Kanto Gym Leaders the Cave Guard will leave.