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Okay, I got my Froslass from Hoenn, which was a Snorunt at first. I migrated it from Ruby to Soulsilver, and to White Version.I evolved Snorunt into Froslass in Soulsilver, then migrated into White Version. The next day, I wanted to put it up for trade at the GTS, but it said I couldn't! It said it can't be put up for trade, and it had some source code? I never glitched in any of my games, what's going on!? :(

Source Code?? (if you can remember, or try again to get the code.)
Maybe give it a fitting name, like jimmys answer says its because of its name. I suggest an name like Anastasia or Frositute ;D

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Okay, you can't put your FrosslASS up for trade because of the Bold Lettered name.

Ohh, I get it! Thanks for the help SpikeyEaredPichu!!!      :)