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My Unfezant
Lv. 100
Gender: Female
HP: 297
Attack: 268
Defense: 196
Sp. Atk: 141
Sp. Def: 154
Speed: 257
Its personality trait says it is strongly defiant, which means that Sp. Def. is its best IV stat, but why is the stat so low? Could it have been something that happened while battling?


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It's Sp.def is so low because it's one of it's lowest stats


Compared to all it's stats it's Sp.Def if the lowest

Hoped this helped (-:

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I my humble opinion you could increase its sp. def with the energy drink Zinc although best case u will only get a 10 or so increase, u could consider giving it a Rowap berry so then if people take advantage of the low stat u can inflict damage on them.

if u use energy drinks reduce other high stats with berry to add the differance on to sp. def