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He was in a double battle against a couple of Cheer leaders in the Sports arena in Nimbasa city and both of his Pokemon were KOed then when he tried to switch in his Pokemon it did not work. He clicked on Emboar and pressed Switch and whenever he clicked on his other Pokemon it said "Pokemon name" could not be switched. What happened?

That's happened to me twice I switched in the other one than the one I tried its a terrible thing on black and white so annoying

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Hah, I was stuck with the same thing for ages.

To switch Pokémon when both have been KO'ed, you must click on the first replacement Pokémon, then click on one of your active, fainted Pokémon to 'swap' them around. Then you choose your next Pokémon as you would if only one had KO'ed. :)

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