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ok, so I was trading from my Ruby to my Emerald, I was trading a tentacool holding a water stone from my ruby and a Shroomish from my Emerald, I traded, everthing went as planned but then when I came out of the trading room I switched off both of my games without saving after exiting the room cause I assumed that I didn't have to save. Then when I switched on my Emerald, Shroomish was still there and there was no tentacool with water stone and then I switched on my Ruby and there was no tentacool with water stone either, there was the shroomish.... what the heck just happened here? a copy of shroomish ? where did the tentacool go? mind blown ._.


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Thats called a duplication glitch. To keep Tentacool you need to save. However, in Gen V, you dont need to. Hope I helped!

I once traded my arceus to my platinum  and one of the games froze so I had to turn my ds off and there was an arceus in my party in both games.
that's lucky lucky!
so i have lost tentacool and the water stone.....just my luck...i needed that water stone to evolve my lombre just aswell -.-
I just realised we did this yesterday. We had just traded from Ruby to Emerald, and we turned Emerald off, but we didn't turn Ruby off.
That means that I may still have the Pokemon in Emerald. xD
Too bad, :(