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i was battling a durant lv. 57 (i think) with my lv. 79 probopass.
i decided to run from it and it wouldnt let me!
even though I was 22 levels higher then durant!
i always thought you could run from Pokemon on the first try if you were a higher level than it.
is there another factor at work that I didnt know about?!

Probopass' ability: Magnet Pull. Steel-types are unable to flee.

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When you are up against wild Pokemon and you try to escape, levels don't matter. You could have a level 100 Snorlax up against a Golbat you find in Snowpoint Temple for all it matters really, you won't be able to escape because the Golbat is faster.

This is probably what happened with your Probopass and Durant battle was happening, Durant was probably just faster than you.

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It doesn't depend on Levels. It depends on the Speed stat.

So your Probopass was slower than the Durant.