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Where do you find shieldon in diamond and pearl?


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To get Shieldon, you must first get an Armor Fossil (you can find those by mining in the Underground with your Explorer Kit).

Once you have the Fossil, head to Oreburgh City and go to the mining museum. Talk to the person at the counter and ask her to revive the Armor Fossil. You will then receive a Sheildon.

NOTE: The Armor Fossil is exclusive to Pearl, so if you have Diamond you will have to trade to get Sheildon.

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  1. You have to first get the explorer kit from eterna city ,speak to the old man in the house next to the Pokemon centre.

  2. Go outside and select it from your key items bag.

  3. Once you get underground tap on the screen to see little shiny dots.Those are the item locations.

  4. All you need to do now is find your way to the items and dig them up.It might take a while in order to find an armor fossil.Once you have it .Go all the way back to Orbergh city , the first city with a gym in the game.

  5. Once their go to the big building next to route 207, and talk to the guy behind the counter.Leave the fossil with him and after you go out of the building and back in again you will have your fossil revived and turn into shieldon at level 20.