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i want to gather them for my pokedex.

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Yes, yes you can. :3

They are all found in the underground, however. The Armor and the Skull Fossil can be found pre-national dex, and the rest post-national dex. All the fossils are:

Helix Fossil ---> Omanyte ---> Omastar
Dome Fossil ---> Kabuto ---> Kabutops
Old Amber ---> Aerodactyl
Root Fossil ---> Lileep ---> Cradily
Claw Fossil ---> Anorith ---> Armaldo
Skull Fossil ---> Cranidos ---> Rampardos (pre-national dex)
Armor Fossil ---> Shieldon ---> Bastiodon (pre-national dex)

Hope I helped. :)

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Just to clarify:
Fossil ---> Pokemon Revived ---> Pokemon's Evolution.