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I 've got a Skull fossil which I revived into a cranidos and a cover fossil which I revived into a tirtouga. What are all the other fossils I can get?


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Generation 1

  • Helix Fossil = Omanyte
  • Dome Fossil = Kabuto
  • Old Amber = Aerodactyl

Generation 2

Generation 3

  • Root Fossil = Lileep
  • Claw Fossil = Anorith

Generation 4

  • Skull Fossil = Cranidos
  • Armor Fossil = Sheildon

Generation 5

  • Cover Fossil = Tirtouga
  • Plume Fossil = Archen

In Gen 5, a person in the Relic Castle will give you a Cover or Plume Fossil. The others can be obtaibed from a worker in Twist Mountain who will give you any of the older Fossils daily.

Revive the Fossil into a Pokemon at the Nacrene City Museum.

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Where can I get them?
I'll get that info now.
Ok, thanks :)
There you are. :)
Actually in gen 5.2 you get a cover or plume fossil after u beat the elite four, when u go to the nacrane musuem
he said black 2 not black. the person who gives you the fossils in the relic castle is not there anymore!
When did it say it was Black? I said Gen 5. :/
But yeah, I missed the thing about the Elite Four.
Bulbapedia needs to update their Fossils page.