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I want an archen


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Basically to get the fossils you have to go relic castle and talk to the lady by the stairs on the first level. You will either have a choice from Tirtouga or Archen. They will be level 25 when you revive them (at the Musuem in Nacrene city). Titouga will know:

Wide Guard
Aqua Jet

Archen will know:

Quick Guard

Otherwise to get the fossils from generation IV you talk to a man in Twist Mountain.

Hope this helps =)

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Actually, the way to get the Plume Fossil is to go to the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort and talk to this old woman who has the fossil. If you want the other fossils like Kabuto etc, then you go to Twist Mountain and a Man gives them to you. Hope this helps...

I'll try both of them
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You fly to Icirrus City then you go to Twist Mountain. Then you go down and out the door. After that you go to the door in the lowest point outside. But if its Winter you have to go to Mistralton City and go in the front and go down the snow to the bottem and ask the man in the cave (He should be looking at a wall)
Hope this helps! I don't have my DS now so I cant look at the map, but thats all I can remember! ;)

Thanks tell me more when you get your ds
he asked for archen not the gen 4 fossils
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